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Karina Smirnoff from “Dancing with the Stars”: My Music

Karina Smirnoff from “Dancing with the Stars”: My Music

Karina Smirnoff: My Music The perennial star of Dancing with the Stars dishes on her dance partners, ’80s-era Queen and pulling a Tonya Harding on Kristi Yamaguchi. By Mike Errico You always seem to get the hottest partners. Why is that? I think they kind of pair me up a lot of times with bad boys. Like I think Floyd [Mayweather] was somewhat of a bad boy. Mario Lopez was definitely a bad boy. I think they give them to me ’cause they know that I can handle it, and I probably control them in some way. But it’s flattering to think that people think I get the hottest boys. That’s awesome! If you had the ability to go back to any time period and any time in the world, who would be your dream dance partner? Oh, wow. I think that the perfect partner is the person who has the natural ability to dance, but he also really needs to have the time to put into rehearsal and the desire to win. If a partner has the commitment and determination, it’s a win-win situation. Is there someone in particular who fits that description? I don’t know if he would be a great dancer, but I always liked Keanu Reeves. You may have the greatest booty on television. Do you think it helps your dancing? Well, I don’t think of my booty as being really good, but it definitely helps to be in shape. We do work out all the time when we’re dancing; we put a lot of hours into rehearsal. So being in shape definitely helps. Thank... read more
Interview: Hank Williams III

Interview: Hank Williams III

By Mike Errico How would you describe the current state of country music? I haven’t listened to country radio in four years, or watched CMT in that long. But I’m kind of familiar with some of the people I need to be preaching against. I just write a song for myself and nobody else, and that’s the way it is. So I guess you don’t watch award shows like the Grammys, then. Nah. Honestly, if I got an award, you know, I seriously would not want to go. Our fans don’t really give a fuck or watch that, or care less if we get an award. You do a lot of name-checking of country royalty in your songs. What’s your relationship to these folks like? Waylon [Jennings] used to call me back when I was in rehab, and when I say, “I remember seeing Waylon shooting his shotgun,” that’s no bullshit. I’ve been hunting with him. David Allan Coe has always been in our corner, as far back as I can remember. I’ve been around [Merle] Haggard enough that he knows who the hell I am, and I definitely know who the hell he is. The first guy I ever sang with as far as a bigger country artist onstage was George Jones. So, when you throw a party, some of these guys show up? I’ve never thrown a party. When I’m off the road I’m the most anti-social dude in the world. For me, a party is taking a hit of acid and fucking playing my guitar and listening to music. It ain’t like the old days. When... read more

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