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12/09/15 New York, NY Joe’s Pub United States
Time: 9:00pm. Admission: $20. Box office: 212.967.7555. Address: 425 Lafayette Street. Venue phone: 212.967.7555. It creeps up, doesn’t it? Once a year, it knocks on your door, and you squint into the peephole. There’s a figure there, distorted and concave, but familiar. Familial? He’s holding something. Hard to tell. What is he holding? Maybe it’s new songs, special guests, and Holiday Omens that glow with otherworldly light. (Perhaps you’ve heard about them here.) But even from the other side of that door, you can tell that the light shines inward, and the darkness it undresses is the future. Your future. Oh, this is eerie. A question remains: Will you open the door? Buy Tickets More information

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