“Shine” releases May 31st

“Shine” releases May 31st

The fifth and final track of the Familiar Blue sessions is about radical optimism and features a ukulele I pulled out of a neighbor’s garbage. I think that’s a relevant detail. Don’t throw out your ukuleles, people. There’s no telling what’s inside them.  PRESAVE IT HERE


Produced by Brett Castro
Recorded and arranged by Brett Castro and Mike Errico
Mixed by Daniel Nieman
Mastered by Randy Merrill, Sterling Sound

Vocal, guitars: Mike Errico
Drums: Matt Bent
Bass: Brett Castro, Bobby Wooten
Keys: Brett Castro

Photo: Mike Errico
Graphic design: Skye Hilton


The pale blue air

Of no one there

What do you care who finds you if you die tonight

From high school halls

To graveyard walls

‘Til Jesus calls and lays it on the dotted line


Let me see you shine

Let me see you shine


The chance you take

The bones you break

The choice you make won’t answer to the reason why

Chase it down

To higher ground

Repeat the sound and if you wake before you die


Let me see you shine

Let me see you shine

Let me see you shine your light

It’s all right, you can open up your eyes

And cry a little bit

Learn to fly a little bit