The Mike Errico Eternify Challenge

The Mike Errico Eternify Challenge

Recently, I wrote a piece on Cuepoint about how :30 second songs might be just around the corner because streaming services pay artists after :30 seconds.

Well. About a week passed.

There’s a new site called Eternify that claims it gets artists paid by streaming only the :30 needed in order to count as a “stream.” The future, kids. I don’t get it either. So let’s have some fun.

The link I’m not-so-strangely interested in:

Technically, all you do is click on a piece of mine and it will stream :30 clips. I’ve never done something so easy in the entire Internet.

Here’s the deal: You work with me, I’ll make stuff for you.

If you are leaving work/stepping away from your computer for the evening, or if you don’t listen to music while you work, you can click on it, then simply hit mute and go about your day/evening. If that’s too intrusive, you can click on it before you step away from your computer for the day, and just let it run. You can, it appears, even open multiple tabs and let them run simultaneously. (I tried it. Seems like it works.) Would you rather get another artist paid, too? Not a problem — just open a tab and stream that artist, too.

It also gives a running total, so you can keep track of your contribution by taking a screen grab. Like so:


“Mike: What will you do with the money, if it arrives?”

I’ll make more of the stuff you (hopefully) already like. Same as if you subscribed to a Kickstarter or Patreon campaign, except you don’t have to put any money in. Just click the link.

“Mike: What kind of stuff will you make?”

You tell me. New single, EP, collection of cover songs I’ve sung at weddings, short stories, podcasts, tour…? You tell me. Seriously. Put your ideas in the comments.

“Mike: What kind of money are we talking, here?”

I have no idea, but if it’s enough to buy a cup of coffee I’ll buy the cup of coffee and create something based on it.

“Mike: What kind of coffee?”

I like bodega coffee. Runs about $1 a pop.

“Mike: Could this scale to real numbers?”

Sure. If it works. If Spotify doesn’t kill the URL. If, if, if. Good news: If it DOESN’T work, you’re out $0 and 0 time.

“Mike, is this, like, for real?”

Why not? You can read more about it on The Verge:

You’ll see, the article mentions some of the issues I addressed in my piece on the future of music. Great minds, etc.

You in? Let’s see what happens. I kinda want to record my acoustic flamenco-rock version of “Toxic,” personally, but hey I’m down for whatever.

That link again:


  1. Hey Mike! It looks like Eternify is dead, but it’s possible to create the same effect by playing one of your shorter tracks on Spotify on repeat. From your Popular list, it looks like quite a few people have been playing “Now Just the Ladies” from Tonight I Drink You All.

    • right you are on all counts. crazy world, this.