Good Times at the Virginia Book Festival

Good Times at the Virginia Book Festival
You get one “fancy first book festival” in life, which means you also only get one “fancy first book festival that got zoom-bombed by the hardest-core pornography the Internet has ever coughed up.”
Wow, it was awkward! And also kind of hilarious to watch people scramble with settings while hiding their eyes and apologizing… but I guess that’s the thing about being in live music. Everything is in the realm of possibility, and the important thing is how to roll with whatever it is.
After a few mind-searing images flashed by, the moderators reset the meeting, and we were off. Here’s the audio (and now you know what the apologizing is all about).
A truly thoughtful question: “Where can I buy your book so that it’s most advantageous to you, the writer?” Thank you for asking it. The answer: Bandcamp. It’s the only place for personalized and signed copies, WITH a matching decorative bookmark.
Q: “What if I bought the book already, but would love you to sign it?” On the Bandcamp page, you can buy also bookplates, which are adhesive and stick right into the signing page.