Mike Errico: Back In The Studio, With Two Questions For You

Mike Errico: Back In The Studio, With Two Questions For You

Hey, folks: I’m now in the studio making an amazing record I can’t wait to share with you. I have two questions to ask you about how to make this the best release ever. I’m so grateful for your support over the years, and I want to make sure you know it. So, here’s the story.


A good chef will tell you it’s all about the ingredients, and I bet that’s true, though I mostly just grill hot dogs and pour bowls of Grape Nuts.

Luckily, this is about music, not food, and for me the main ingredients are the songs. And I’m telling you: These songs are killers. They’re urgent and sexy and snarling, and they’re dying to meet you. (I pulled that from a friend’s Tinder, but it applies, here.)

Recording has begun, and you can witness the progress, meet the musicians, hear clips, and watch it all unfold on my Facebook or Instagram pages, as well as right here. There’s already a lot of stuff there, so check it out


QUESTION #1: After the record is done, what format(s) do you want it to be in? CD? Vinyl? Thumb drive? Cassette (forget it)?

QUESTION #2: What other stuff would you want? Tee shirts; house concerts; lyric sheets; short stories; podcasts; guitar lessons; a reincarnation of Tallboy magazine; a special cover song; Omens; Skype songwriting class; something else?

Send me your answers by emailing me here
or going to my web site’s contact page.


That’s the story. I can’t wait to hear from you. I can’t wait to finish the record. I can’t wait to make more stuff and share it with you. Let’s do it.

Talk soon,


  1. Formats? Anything but Vinyl. Counter-intuitively, the elderly are shedding every unusable belonging in site, in search of “traveling light”.

    Merch? T’s are always a good bet, and excellent walking advertisements for the artist, no?

    Need to touch base! Give me a shout when you can.

    • Lumpy: Thank you for this. I like it. And I like T’s for sure. Appreciated. Talk soon, M

  2. Hi Mike,

    I may have answered this query in Greece while under the influence of a few Bristol Cream type beverages. So I’ll answer again here: CD release for sure and a tee shirt is always welcome in my closet collection ….much to my wife’s dismay. 🙂

    • well played, sir. Love to hear it.


  3. CDs are still good, and t-shirts are still great.

    • love it, and love it. Thanks!

  4. I would like a cassette. I know I am barking up the wrong tree, but I still use my highschool cassette deck that my parents bought for me for my birthday. It is plugged into a cheap Karaoke machine for a speaker. Don’t mean to be a bother, but I would buy one and be really happy about it. That said, besides that I’d just want a digital version. Thanks for accepting my feedback for what it’s worth, Mike and have fun and good luck.

    • Oh, and an explicitly Christian song sung by you would be cool as heck:)

      • LOL. Explicitly Christian cover song on cassette…got it. Thanks man!