Whatever Comes After “Thank You”

Whatever Comes After “Thank You”

Preorders began yesterday, as you may know. I am looking for the word that has more power than simply “thank you.” Maybe there isn’t one. So: Thank you. I’m blown away. You’re buying with the trust that I’ve made something that lives up to my past work. And I know how you feel – I do this with artists, myself, I know my connection to them and have to figure that perhaps you have a similar connection to what I do. And I am humbled that it could even be possible. Every mile, every torturous vocal session and drum arrangement, every night spent working instead of partying – it just washes away. Today is also a gut-check for me. You’re investing in a history that I now have to live up to. That shit is serious. So? Does the record live up? I’ve played them next to each other. I’ve laid them out on my coffee table in a row to compare the artwork…and my honest, 3 AM-in-the-bathroom-mirror answer is that, more than living up, this record is the best one I’ve done. And it’s not a one-to-one kind of comparison, either. This takes what came before it, and pulls it in new directions. Hence the title. I feel like I’m backstage before a big show, and I’m looking at the band, saying things like, “OK, guys, you remember your parts? Drummer, not too fast on the opener, bassist, please don’t play with your tongue hanging out, strings, you have your sheet music? OK. Hands in the circle…3, 2, 1… Much more to come. Stay tuned. But more than... read more

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