Watch #BrandsConf LIVE

Interesting day, today. I’ll be speaking at a conference, and you can watch it live.

My topic: “The Humanization of the Hit Song,” in which I’ll try to explain the relationship between mythology in music and the open-source environment of the Web. It’s a short speech, but I’m always a little edgy when the guitar isn’t in my hand. Here’s the info:

Starting today at 9:00 AM EST / 1500 CET the second BrandsConf will be broadcast LIVE from the 92nd Street Y in New York City. Today we will be spending the day exploring “The Humanization of Brands”

This event can be seen on UStream over at: (subscribe to get notified when we are broadcasting)

Hours: BrandsConf will be broadcast from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM EST today.

This year we have 60+ speakers joining us in New York City at the conference. The hashtag for this conference is: #BrandsConf. I hope you can join in the online discussion about the event.

You can track the BrandsConf schedule over at: