On Tour, Don’t Ask the Lollipop Guild for Directions

On Tour, Don’t Ask the Lollipop Guild for Directions

In ‘The Wizard of Oz,’ the Yellow Brick Road arrives at an intersection. One road went to the Emerald City, but what about the other two?

Here’s the next piece from “The Solo Show,” my biweekly story collection. If you want to follow it, you can sign the mailing list, or click ‘follow’ at https://medium.com/@mikeerrico

Topics will vary wildly, but will always orbit music, and there will be photos and embeddable playlists to enhance each storyline. It’s like my live show, but flipped inside-out: The between-song talking is the focus, and the music backs it up. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, and I’m insanely excited about it. I hope that’s coming across.

Finally (here comes a gentle prod…), if you like where this is going, PLEASE do what you can to push it out to others – share it, tweet it, email the link around. Thank you so much.

Now: Check it out!


  1. I lost my issue of Tall-boy. Can I get a reprint?

    • Dingle[at]berry[dot]com, eh? I think I’ve met you.

      Tallboy Magazine is just waiting for folks like you to ask for it to come back.

      Till then, online is king. Check https://medium.com/@mikeerrico, it’ll keep you busy, and Kinko’s wasn’t involved, which is awesome.