Thanks for Downloading “You Could Be Anywhere”/ Tell Us Why on the Podcast

Wow. What a week.

I want to thank you for downloading “You Could Be Anywhere” for free on Bandcamp – it’s a special song for me, and it’s great to see it being appreciated.

A lot of people have been checking the song out since it’s been on MTV’s “Teen Mom” – some are using it at memorial services and telling us how it captures their feelings about losing/being apart from someone special.

I would like to dedicate an episode of my podcast to these stories, and I’d love you to contribute. You can remain confidential if you like, or give information like: name, location, who he/she may have left behind, or even where to send wishes or contributions on behalf of someone lost.

You can send written responses to, or if you just want to record your remembrance into your phone, you can send us the file, and we’ll include it in the podcast.

Thanks again, I’m so glad you find the song important, too.