Mike Errico, “Wander Away,” Cover and Song Sequence

Mike Errico, “Wander Away,” Cover and Song Sequence

1. Ready or Not
2. Count to Ten
3. Waving Goodbye
4. 1000 Miles
5. Wish You Well
6. Everybody Knows
7. Next Time
8. On the Other Side
9. You Could Be Anywhere
10. Johnsburg, Illinois
11. Wander Away
12. Someday

Produced by Ken Rich and Mike Errico
Recorded and Mixed by Ken Rich at Grand Street Recording, Brooklyn, NY
Assistant Engineer: Tomek Miernowski
Mastered by Joe Lambert at JLM Sound

Mike Errico: Vocals, guitars, percussion
Matt Beck: Guitars, keys, lap steel, harmonium on “Everybody Knows”
Ethan Eubanks: Drums, percussion, xylophone on “Everybody Knows”
Jeff Hill: Bass

Bruce Kaphan: Pedal steel guitar
Ken Rich: Bass, “Waving Goodbye,” “Ready or Not”
Ari Hest: Backing vocals, “On the Other Side,” “Ready or Not,” “You Could Be Anywhere”
Angie Pollock: Backing vocals, “Count To Ten,” “Everybody Knows”

Andrew Sherman: String arrangements
Ben Mink: String arrangement, “1000 Miles”

Maxim Moston (violin), Hiroko Taguchi (viola), Jessie Reagen Mann (cello) on “Next Time,” “Wish You Well,” “Ready or Not” and “On the Other Side”
Rob Moose (violin), Hiroki Taguchi (viola), Garo Yellin (cello) on “Count To Ten,” “1000 Miles” and “Everybody Knows”

Cover art by Angela Errico
CD design by Jason Connolly

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