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Interview: Hank Williams III

Interview: Hank Williams III

By Mike Errico How would you describe the current state of country music? I haven’t listened to country radio in four years, or watched CMT in that long. But I’m kind of familiar with some of the people I need to be preaching against. I just write a song for myself and nobody else, and that’s the way it is. So I guess you don’t watch award shows like the Grammys, then. Nah. Honestly, if I got an award, you know, I seriously would not want to go. Our fans don’t really give a fuck or watch that, or care less if we get an award. You do a lot of name-checking of country royalty in your songs. What’s your relationship to these folks like? Waylon [Jennings] used to call me back when I was in rehab, and when I say, “I remember seeing Waylon shooting his shotgun,” that’s no bullshit. I’ve been hunting with him. David Allan Coe has always been in our corner, as far back as I can remember. I’ve been around [Merle] Haggard enough that he knows who the hell I am, and I definitely know who the hell he is. The first guy I ever sang with as far as a bigger country artist onstage was George Jones. So, when you throw a party, some of these guys show up? I’ve never thrown a party. When I’m off the road I’m the most anti-social dude in the world. For me, a party is taking a hit of acid and fucking playing my guitar and listening to music. It ain’t like the old days. When... read more

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