“You’re No Santa”

“You’re No Santa”

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You’re No Santa

© Mike Errico (Sky Blue Coupe De Ville Music, ASCAP)

Darkened windows
Neon signs turned inward to the bar
Last call for alcohol this Christmas
Who knows who we are

In all the science
A silver lining through the microscope
A light that goes out in the tunnel
Provides a kind of hope

The names are nameless
The work is solemn and unsung
The sign that’s hanging on the doorframe
Is not for everyone

Open for business
The Christmas gift on no one’s Christmas list
Take the mask off
Two weeks and soon you won’t be missed

You’re no Santa
You’re no Santa Claus

We got Bob Seger on the mic
The coughing suits him
Somehow it makes it feel all right

To be broken
To be one thing I never learned to fix
To forget is to forgive
Two weeks we’ll all be in a ditch