Thank You.


Thank you. Thank you for supporting what I do, coming to the shows and shopping on my site.

I want to talk about shopping on the site for a second. I’m not pushing stuff. I’m just telling you why it serves us both when you buy directly from the site.

When you shop here, I can keep costs as low as possible (and sometimes even lower), and continue to do all the other things I do for free – the Mike Errico Podcast, for instance, or the library of live videos on my site and YouTube. I love doing them, I’m glad you’re enjoying them, and I’m lucky to be able to keep going. I’m proud of the new record, Wander Away, and proud that an older song like “Daylight” was just put into That’s What She Said, a film that’ll be playing at Sundance this year. I have a lot to be thankful for.

To spread that thanks, I had an end-of-year blowout spectacular sale going on – $5 for anything on the site. I’ve brought shirts back to where they were, but response was so great, I’m going to leave CDs at $5. They’re all signed, and without all the middlemen, I can keep bringing the free, which I really love to do.

For those of you who didn’t know about the free stuff I’m talking about, here are some handy links:

The Mike Errico Podcast: Interviews, stories and rarities from “Wander Away” and beyond:
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Free Downloads of demos, live takes and unreleased songs:

The Mike Errico YouTube Channel:

Check the stuff out, friend me on Fbook and Twitter, and keep in touch.

Happy New Year,