“Setlist for a Drunk Birthday Girl,” (w/Podcast)

“Setlist for a Drunk Birthday Girl,” (w/Podcast)

Every other week, I’m releasing a new story that comes with music, playlists, podcasts, and photos. I call it “The Solo Show.”

NEW: “Setlist for a Drunk Birthday Girl

In honor of the cold snap that has gripped much of the country, here is “Miracle on Ice,” if the “ice” were a barroom floor in Indianapolis and the “miracle” were a drunk birthday girl who *really loves* AC/DC.

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Indiana had been battered with a cold front that had cleared the roads of most everyone but emergency vehicles and me. The weather drove sideways into rows of houses along I-80 and scratched against my windshield like coarse sand. I had a gig at a club called Birdy‚Äôs, and had driven across two states, stopping only for peanuts and gas…

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