Rest in Power, Arecibo Observatory

Rest in Power, Arecibo Observatory

A couple of snapped cables, and the world’s largest radio telescope is being decommissioned.

If you know me, you know my love of the Carl Sagan (@saganism ) book Contact and the 1996 film starring Jodi Foster and the Arecibo Observatory (@thearecibo.observatory). My songs “Ok to Go,” “Grace,” “Arecibo,” and others were inspired by it. So much of the artwork on my albums “Skimming,” “Wander Away,” and especially “Minor Fits” draw from it.

Here’s my Spotify playlist of my songs that were inspired by Contact, and Arecibo.

A few years back, I dragged friends across the crazy bumpy roads of Puerto Rico to see Arecibo, and now I’m glad I did. And I’m glad I sprung for the coffee cup.

Time marches on…and bends and warps and amazes.


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