My New Essay Collection, “The Solo Show”

My New Essay Collection, “The Solo Show”

OK. This is big.

The first installment of my essay collection, “The Solo Show,” just went live. They’ll be coming out bi-weekly, and there are many more to follow.

The topics are pretty varied, but they always revolve, orbit and return to music, which is where we met. Good ol’ music. Yeah.

Many of the stories will have embedded playlists that will enhance the story. Some of the songs will be mine, and some won’t. The idea is that you’ll click on them and listen as you read. It’ll be a full experience. A talking – or, singing – book.

If you’ve ever been to my live show, you know that that’s where all this has stemmed from. In fact, it’s you who have given me the courage to take this step forward. You’ve requested stories, asked me to speak, to lecture, and even to teach. I’ve been so grateful, and this is an exciting step forward.

Already, I’ve received emails back from early readers asking when I’ll be podcasting the series. Soooo…..I guess the answer is pretty soon…and thanks for asking.

OK, so: If you like where this is going, PLEASE do what you can to push it out to others – share it, tweet it, Tumblr it, Pinterest it, email the link around to friends the way your crazy aunt does. You know the one.