More Responses to Questions about “Wander Away”

More Responses to Questions about “Wander Away”

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Just a few quick questions that popped in my head after reading the track listing:
1) Newly recorded versions of ‘1000 Miles’ and ‘Someday’? If so, what was the inspiration that led to the decision to re-record them?
2) Is ‘Everybody Knows’ the Leonard Cohen song, or an original composition?
Can’t wait to hear the new record and hopefully catch a show or two.
All the best,
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First, yes, these are newly-recorded versions of “1000 Miles” and “Someday.” The main reason is simple: I wasn’t finished with them.

The first recording of “1000 Miles,” on Pictures of the Big Vacation, is essentially a demo. I’d been sent to Vancouver to work with Ben Mink for a couple days to see if we’d be a good match. We clicked, and thought we could kill two birds by working on a new song. I had the basic musical pieces, he made them work arrangementally, and sent me back to the hotel at the end of the night, saying, “We’ll do vocals tomorrow.” I looked at him, like, “There are no lyrics.” “You’ll have ’em by then,” he responded. I freaked, but got them done that night. If you were to “solo” the vocal tracks, you’d be able to hear me fiddling with the lyric sheet. You’ll also notice it’s the only song on that record that uses programming, via an Akai Roger Linn MPC-3000. The idea was that we’d get a drummer, but of course, that never happened.

“1000 Miles” was an orphan in that way, but also a doorway to a whole other musical world, and for YEARS I dogged Ben about doing the song justice. For one reason or another it never worked out — until this new group of songs came out, providing the perfect time, place and team to revisit it. We did two versions – one in the original arrangement, and one that’s more concise. Both will be available.

“Someday” has a different story: I knew that, over time, the song had taken on a deeper meaning, and I wanted to hear it again from where I’m presently standing. The more I considered adding it, the more often I found out that this kind of revisiting happens. The vocalists I’ve admired in the past – Billie Holiday, Sinatra, right down the line – go back to songs, try other takes, etc. As a listener, I’ve loved the opportunity to hear something familiar sung in a less familiar way.

Question #2: HA, no. Not the Leonard Cohen song. I’d forgotten about that song until (guitarist) Matt Beck brought it back to my attention. Then he tried to sing it to me, but Matt’s Leonard Cohen impression sounds a lot like Jimmy Durante. And what I think of first with Jimmy Durante is old timey cartoons. Found one (go to 1:28 or click

In truth, you can’t copyright a title. Just ask Katy “I Kissed a Girl” Perry. Or Vanessa “1000 Miles” Carlton. Ha.

Thanks for asking,

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