Mike Errico, “If I Were The Pope”

Yes, I realize there is a spot open in Vatican City, and that I am uniquely qualified. Attached, my thoughts on the matter, from my earliest release, “Bite Size.”

Available on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/bite-size-ep/id273405630
By Mike Errico
From “Bite Size”

If I were the Pope
I’d never get to kiss you
If I were the Pope
Man, you know I’d miss you

I’d fall asleep and dream about your precious lips
Face down and drooling on the ancient manuscripts

I’d be a lousy Pope
No matter how I tried
Suspicious looking Pope
With a real big secret to hide

Finally my parents might be proud
While the Papal bouncers sneak you through the crowd

I got incense, I got wine and I got candlelight
I got everything I need and I can finally treat you right
I got a real old ring and a real cool hat and not that much to do
But what’s the use of all of that
When I’m so far away from you

I’d be a nasty Pope
I guess the flesh is weak
Lord knows that I’d try to cope
But he’d soon run out of cheeks

And then I’d hock a chalice and we’d be on our way
Streaking through St. Peter’s doors into the light of day

I’m glad I’m not the Pope