Exclusive Download: “Trusted,” Mike Errico

Exclusive Download: “Trusted,” Mike Errico

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Heavy Americana from
Mike Errico’s forthcoming album, Minor Fits


“Trusted” started as a friendly challenge from the Acoustic Guitar Project, an online platform in which a single guitar travels from musician to musician, and each person gets a week to write and record an original song only using a tiny handheld recorder they provide. “It was fun to do, but the original had a folky, ‘train’ beat. [Producer] Jamie Siegel heard it and suggested pushing the rock foundation he heard in it. I went back to the drawing board several times, following his recommendations, and after a couple of revisions, we landed in that big, “Heavy Americana” zone that I wanted for Minor Fits.

Lyrically, the song is an exploration of trust, as well as why we have so much difficulty with it. “What we think of ourselves is what we project outwardly, and if that lens is smeared, that’s when we get into trouble. But there’s a great unburdening in seeing things for what they are, and that’s what I was hoping to do—you know, without screaming and breaking things, which is usually my first reaction,” he says, laughing. “I’ve left a trail of songs that’ll back me up on that.”

Over eight albums, Errico has remained inspired by the challenge of making art while making a living. “Over the years, I learned to be versatile, and to gain as many skills as possible, but to keep my eye on the prize – creating art that’s meaningful.” As a result, he has lent his skills to everything from sonic branding to running the web site for taste making music magazine, Blender.

He also passes this philosophy on to the up-and-coming artists featured on “Here’s to the End of the World.” “The opportunity to teach has been one of the greatest gifts my recording career has ever given me. Now, one role inspires the other, and both benefit. I feel incredibly lucky.”

Asked if having a lot of side hustles ever gets distracts or confuses that creative process, he says, “I was just telling a couple students the other day, in my best Yoda voice, ‘There is no dark side of the hustle, really. Matter of fact, it’s all hustle.’ OK, so it’s ripped from Dark Side of the Moon, but that doesn’t make it less true,” he laughs.

Minor Fits is currently a part of a Pledge Music campaign. You can find out more about it and about Mike Errico at: http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/mikeerrico