“Daylight” on Soundtrack of “That’s What She Said”

“Daylight” on Soundtrack of “That’s What She Said”

I am excited to announce that a new “Daylight,” recorded the day after the release of Wander Away, will be in That’s What She Said, a new film starring Anne Heche. The film will be released this year, and the new version is urgent, fun, and just basically killer.

The film features an all-female cast…and soundtrack…so I was fortunate enough to get Leah Siegel on lead vocals. She burned it up and made it her own in a couple of key spots. There are gender troubles in the lyric, of course, and after a little debate on my part, the change is “If my life were a movie you’d be buried in the credits/You’d be “Loser #2 with his head up his ass…” Just trying to keep it as faithful to the original as possible, you know. I switched up the solo just a little, too.

I’d stopped playing the song live for a while, and reached for it during an encore at the release show…and realized that I love playing it. Still.

Much more to come. For now, time to complete ep 3 of the podcast. If you’re new, here’s a link to get you started:


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