Crowdfunding: Final Thoughts

Crowdfunding: Final Thoughts
crowdfunding final tally

Happy tears. For real.



Final tally.

Guys, this was amazing. I did not know what would happen, or whether you’d even be into the crowdfunding thing, and it exceeded every expectation.

There are a couple of house concerts we still need to schedule, and I’m always open to book more, especially now that I know you want them. Hit me up.

If you missed the crowdfunding deadline, I’ve decided to keep making and selling some of the hotter items:

(Lyric prints, signed lithographs, T-shirts, subscription to Tallboy magazine, etc.)

(The largest selection of my work on ANY platform, includes deluxe editions, unreleased live tracks, podcasts, singles, and more)


STREAM ON SPOTIFY (check out playlists, too)
STREAM ON APPLE MUSIC (if you can figure it out, that is…)

I’ve loved hanging with you, getting you the new stuff and preparing the next stuff from a much stronger place.

So. Happy tears, for real. This has been gratifying, validating, and inspiring. Thank you for that.

Here’s to a great 2018.