“Between the Lines (Live)” — Pre-Save on Spotify and Apple Music

“Between the Lines (Live)” — Pre-Save on Spotify and Apple Music

credit: Jeanette D. Moses

“Between the Lines” will go live on all streaming services March 16th, and pre-saving it NOW will help the algorithms notice it and recommend it to others.


I’d really appreciate the click, because I have a soft spot for this one. I love whoever it is, in his car, daydreaming, asking the big questions. Or maybe it’s The Big Question. I think we’re all doing a bit more of that than ever, lately.

This version was recorded before the pandemic, at the 2019-2020 Holiday Show. I was lucky to share the stage that night with bassist Nick Jost and guitarist Nick Cianci, who is a former student of mine, and a brilliant player.

”Between the Lines” has never been recorded in the studio, but I hope to change that this year. I’ve been working on…well…something else. Something kinda big. But that’s for another email.

Until then, pre-save, share this with friends, and enjoy. I hope this finds you safe and well. -M

Between the Lines

May 21st
Wind in the trees on my way to work
I’m late again

High up in the leaves
Versions of me I may not ever be
For being who I am

Am I doing this right
Am I doing this right
They’re just paintings on the road
But I really want to know
What’s between the lines

A good look around
Coffee in faces lost in what they found
Like truth just pulled up slow

And once in a while
They jerk the wheel and hit the evening news
That’s one way to go


Easy come
Easy go
With the gas tank running low
And the landscape drifting past
And I’m tongue tied to the mast
It is what it is
But it never is
It never is

May 21st
I roll up the driveway
It’s all well rehearsed
The evening breeze has died

And I sit there for a while
Ticking like the engine
It’s been just another one hell of a ride


© Mike Errico


Holiday Show, Rockwood 2, 12/14/19
Mike Errico: Acoustic guitar, vocals
Nick Cianci: Electric guitar
Nick Jost: Bass

Performed live at Rockwood Music Hall, NYC

Produced and mastered by Jamie Siegel