Advance praise for “Music, Lyrics, and Life”

Advance praise for “Music, Lyrics, and Life”




Advance copies going out now (FYI: if you write reviews/ features/ podcasts, please hit us up for a review copy), and here’s what we’re hearing back:

“Mike Errico opened my eyes to what songwriting could be. His methods took any fear I had of writing and turned it to fun and joy. He is the perfect guide to finding your voice.”Blu DeTiger, recording artist

“This is a manual for better living through creativity, and vice versa: playful, rigorous, challenging, inviting, weird, practical, mind-expanding, focused, and truly kind. It’s a genuinely loving book that overflows with soul and wisdom from a wonderful teacher and artist. I’m really blown away.”Paul Giamattiactor

“A page-turning guide for creative problem entrepreneurs in any field, no matter the stage of their journey.”—Jake Schwartz, co-founder, General Assembly

“Mike Errico possesses a keen understanding of how to teach something that simply cannot be taught. This is the book we’re all in need of.”Madison Cunninghamrecording artist

“Mike Errico changed my life. His unwavering belief and support made it possible for me to take leaps of faith that otherwise felt impossible.”—Hana ElionOvercoats

“Mike Errico can inspire the most timid songwriter and invigorate the most tired. Using curiosity and practicality as tools of equal weight, he challenges readers to create without self-judgment. It was through his class that I started to think of songwriting as a practice.”Mia BerrinPom Pom Squad

“What a glorious life raft of a book. Songwriters, artists, anyone working in any creative arena will be inspired and lovingly stripped of their own art-killing excuses.”Emily FlakeNew Yorker cartoonist, author, essayist

“Others may have written Bibles on songwriting. This is the Talmud.”—Eric Bazilian, songwriter

“Mike Errico is a brilliant artist who is fluent in both the language of music and the music of language. I’m an actor-director, and this book about songwriting made me want to create, to explore, and to deepen my own work.”—Carrie Preston, director, Emmy Award–winning actor, The Good WifeTrue BloodClaws

“Mike Errico has written some of my favorite lyrics ever. So, yes, I would say his take on songwriting is well worth our full attention, highlighter in hand.”—Kelly Corrigan, NYT bestselling author and host of the Kelly Corrigan Wonders podcast

“In this generous and brilliant book, Mike Errico speaks to the unspeakable. Few could seamlessly tie insight into the elusive magic of creativity to lessons on the practical ins and outs of what it means to be a songwriter, but Mike has done so beautifully. This book is a gift to songwriters everywhere.”—Eva Grace Hendricks, Charly Bliss

“While some guides will instruct us from on high, Mike is at our side, filled with passion and curiosity as well as instructive insights.”—Dar Williams, recording artist, author

“Mike Errico’s book is a wise, helpful, and often funny study of song-writing—and more than that, it’s an invaluable resource for anyone engaged in a creative endeavor. He tackles the big questions, like “How do I get a fresh idea?” “How do I keep going when things get hard?” “How do I deal with criticism?” It’s packed with real-life examples, practical solutions, and deep insights into how art is made.”—Gretchen Rubin, bestselling author of The Happiness Project and Better Than Before, host of Happier with Gretchen Rubin podcast

“This is my kind of book: It’s analytical, but it’s also abstract. It takes the mystery out of songwriting but it also puts it back in. Great, entertaining writing style, too!”—Matt Beck, songwriter; multi-instrumentalist, Roseanne Cash, Miley Cyrus, Rod Stewart, Rob Thomas, Matchbox Twenty

“Mike knows what’s up because he listens to songwriters and not only lives in, but also studies, the lifestyle. Within the first three or four chapters, I felt free to flex my artistic muscles, which led me to make some pretty significant life changes. This book is a foolproof way to beat stagnancy and achieve a truer form of self.”Khaya Cohen, Moon Kissed

“Brilliant. I didn’t even get to page twenty before I wanted to send it to every songwriter and songwriting student I have and scream from the rooftops to read it – again and again – until it sinks in. This is the book I didn’t know I needed to read – and I SO needed to read it.”Kat Reinhert, singer, songwriter, president, Association for Popular Music Education, co-founder, Songwriting for Music Educators

“Songwriting is a mystical art, and Mike Errico joins all the dots, helping us visualize the process as well as igniting our passion for the ultimate freedom of creativity.”—Martin Page, cowriter, “We Built This City” (Starship); “King of Wishful Thinking” (Go West); writer, “In the House of Stone and Light”; collaborator, Chaka Khan, Heart, Earth, Wind & Fire, Josh Groban

“Drawing upon sources as diverse as visual art, theater, literature, design and even science, Mike Errico not only brings fresh perspectives on songwriting, but illuminates the whole creative process. He vividly illustrates the mix of craft and inspiration that lies behind the best popular music. Music, Lyrics, and Life lives up to its title, and brings insights into each of those subjects, letting each elevate and enrich the other.”—Eric Beall, author, A&R, songwriter

“Mike Errico’s book on songwriting (and more) is an inspirational tool and a wonderful reference for artists and musicians involved in a creative effort. Highly recommended.”—Patricia Barber, composer, songwriter; Guggenheim Fellow, Composition; American Academy of Arts and Sciences (2019)

“Mike is the rare combination of artist, performer, educator, marketer, artisan and normal, relatable person. This well-crafted work offers up his many years of hard-won experience in a clear, practical way. If you’re a songwriter, read this book and keep it handy and you’ll become a better songwriter. If you’re not a songwriter but you love music, read this book and keep it handy and you’ll deepen your appreciation for and understanding of the songs you love (and the ones you don’t). And if you’re not a songwriter and you don’t love music … then our condolences.”Greg SchollExecutive Director, Jazz at Lincoln Center

OK! That’s a lot. But I wanted to share it, and hope you come on board.