“1000 Miles” Cowriter Ben Mink Produces Heart’s Latest, “Fanatic”

“1000 Miles” Cowriter Ben Mink Produces Heart’s Latest, “Fanatic”

Cheers to “1000 Miles” cowriter Ben Mink, who’s produced Heart’s latest, “Fanatic.” He’s an amazing musician and arranger, and a great guy. Shout outs in Playback magazine range from Pearl Jam to Carrie Underwood to Elton John to Fergie, and the band occupies a unique space in rock history.

“More than 35 years after releasing their debut album and going on to conquer the charts and earn the love of millions of fans around the world, Heart’s Ann and Nancy Wilson continue to thrive. In a year in which they are releasing a book, a box set and a new album, they’re still giving music their all.” – ASCAP Playback

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“1000 Miles” and “1000 Miles (Extended Version)” from “Wander Away” are available at Bandcamp or iTunes.

Signed copies of “Wander Away” are available at the official Mike Errico store.


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